Outside Your Comfort Zone

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I have always been someone who has thrived well, inside my comfort zone.  Ask me to do something outside of my comfort zone however and you'll find me battling mental anguish and dreading the outcome. I overthink it every time. 

Its not that I don't have confidence in myself and its not that I don't like to try new things... I think for me its more about not knowing what to expect so I can be mentally prepared. I'm a bit of a creature of habit.  I blame it on my personality... My be-prepared, plan-ahead personality.

Now that's me. My husband, on other hand, is a go-with-flow, try new things, and see what happens kinda guy.  From the day we met he's always encouraged me to step outside of my little box and try a new meal, go to a new place, or attempt a new activity.   Sometimes it works out well for the both of us and we find something new we can enjoy together.

For years Ethan has been dying to purchase some kayaks and take me kayaking.  We live near a state park and he'd watch vehicle after vehicle heading down our road to the lakefront with kayaks. It always ended in an evening trip to our local sporting goods store.

Finally, after a year or so of persuading me it was a good idea to purchase some kayaks (and saving up the funds to do so), he purchase two Pelican brand kayaks.  That night we headed down to the lake and got our feet wet in this new paddling experience.  

Immediately, and I do mean immediately, I knew I liked it. In fact, I wanted to kick myself for not having tried this sooner.  I had been so afraid we'd make an expensive purchase and then either not have the time to use them or I wouldn't enjoy it and it would be wasted money.

I am here right now to say it was money well spent. Not only am I hooked, but I love the idea of burning calories, getting a summer tan, and spending time with my husband all at the same time! 

Why am I telling you all of this? I'm telling you this to say GET OUT THERE and TRY SOMETHING NEW!  Don't hesitate, don't deliberate. Just do it. You might just be surprised!