The Price We Pay | Weekly Prompt for Memory Keepers and a Link Up!

Hey guys, it's Mandy here offering up this week's prompt.


My vision for this prompt started one evening as I was sitting at the desk, paying our monthly bills.  I chuckled to myself as I thought about how the cable bill had gone up a little each year since we moved into the house.  I wondered what it would cost 20 years from now.

And right then and there, the idea was born. A perfect prompt and a great memory keeping idea.  This week, I encourage you to document the monthly bills you pay, the weekly groceries you buy, the price of gas or a cup of coffee.  Just think how fun it will be to look back in ten or fifteen years and see the changes!

When I mentioned this idea to my mom, she said she had scrapbook pages showing their first house, the interest rate, and their payment back in 1981.  Then she told me she had a page showing the breakdown of some of the costs for their new home. She texted me photos of her pages and I was elated! I'm so happy she thought to document that for my sister and I.  Here's her inspiration!

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