Conversations | Weekly Photo and Journal Prompt/Challenge for Memory Keepers

This week's prompt is brought to us by Pepper of Pepper Creations. Pepper and I met on a Creative Team for Kellie Stamps and I really fell in love with her style.  I enjoy her simple yet edgy take on Project Life. She had a GREAT idea for the prompt below and I'm certain you're going to enjoy it!

"I'm guilty of not documenting enough of these conversations. I think the idea of communication is so important in our daily life and yet I often talk about it but seldom scrapbook it. This prompt is sort of a reminder for myself to jot down the details of conversations that I have with my boyfriend (who is studying overseas)."  -Pepper


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Here's are some ideas from Pepper:

1. take a photo of people/friends/others having conversations

2. photo of you and someone else engaging in a conversation 

3. Screenshot of sms/whatsapp/email or any platform where you chat on

4. Screenshot of a phone call / FaceTime video / Skype video 

5. Write down a conversation you overhead

6. Write down the dialogue you had with someone 

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