Guilty Pleasures | A Weekly Prompt for Memory Keepers & Link Up featuring Kellie of Give a Girl a Blog!

Hi friends!  I am REALLY excited about this week's prompt for two reasons. First, it is my birthday week and this prompt is giving me the authority to indulge myself! Secondly, because our host this week is none other than KELLIE FROM GIVE A GIRL A BLOG and Kellie Stamps!

I began following Kellie online very early in my creative career. I love reading her blog and seeing her never ending inspiration! I was even fortunate enough to be a part of her creative team for awhile!  Without further ado, here's Kellie's prompt ---

Guilty Pleasures - a November prompt for memory keepers via Turquoise Avenue, featuring Kellie from Give a Girl a Blog.

This week's prompt is all about those little (or big) indulgences we offer ourselves from time to time. If you're like Kellie and I, the majority of them include food!  I totally adore how Kellie created this simple page from the Project Life app to document her own personal preferences. 

Guilty pleasures of mine are sweets, mainly donuts, way to many coffee’s, gaming and taking feet shots!
— Kellie

Want to play along?  All you have to do is use this prompt to create something - it can be a photo, a blog post or journal entry, a list, a scrapbook page, a planner page, or perhaps even something else! Whatever you create, share it online under #hashtagthisweek and link up below!

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