Gems and Jewels | Weekly Photo & Journal Prompt/Challenge

Welcome back friends! This week's prompt is brought to you by participant Sandy Davis!
Photos courtesy of Sandy Davis.

Photos courtesy of Sandy Davis.

"Do you remember the first time that you became interested in jewelry? Maybe you played dress up wearing your Mom’s jewelry?  Do you like Silver or Gold? Do you wear a few pieces or a lot? If you don’t wear jewelry, why not? So many things come to mind when I sit and think about the kind of jewelry that I like to wear and as I look in my jewelry box and see how my style has continually changed over the years and how yet some things stay consistent.

One thing that always comes to mind is that my children and grandchildren always liked to twist my rings around my fingers when they were little.

In January of 2014 I was back home in Sioux City, Iowa for a visit and was sitting around my Mom's table talking with with her and my two sisters, the subject of jewelry came up. We were each talking about our personal styles and how those choices came to be when my Mom got out one of her jewelry boxes. We felt like little girls all over again, rummaging thru her things. It was so much fun.

As a story teller, I had to get some pictures of this event and wanted my Mom to tell me MORE. Her Mother had given this same jewelry box to my Mom and her two sisters as Christmas gifts in 1968. My Mom remembered the year as it was the same year that my Father came home from Vietnam. This jewelry box is in pretty good shape for being 45 years old at the time of this picture.

My sisters and I each got to pick several things out of her jewelry box that we got to take home and I will treasure these pieces and their stories forever!

I cant wait to see your stories!"

Meet Sandy:

Sandy Davis is a Mom, wife, and Grandma who loves scrapbooking and telling the stories of memories captured. She is the owner of The Pocket Source website.    

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