Let's Go Shopping | Weekly Photo & Journal Prompt with Free Journal Cards!


One of my favorite things about the creative Instagram community I'm actively involved is in meeting new friends. A couple of months ago I began following Tiffany because her account was "suggested" to me by Instagram. After browsing her feed but for a few seconds, I was instantly drawn to her.  Now that I've talked with her and gotten to know her, I can tell you what a sweet and talented person she is!  She is with us today, bringing us a fresh, fun new prompt and some gorgeous, vibrant journal cards from her BRAND NEW SHOP!

"Shopping. Everyone generally has to go shopping in one capacity or another on a regular basis, whether we like it or not.  There are some types of shopping I love: clothes shopping (with a few exceptions), furniture shopping, shoe shopping, etc.  There’s also some types of shopping that I do because I have to, but not necessarily because I enjoy it. Grocery shopping tops that list along with shopping for jeans and swimsuits.  Recently, I’ve had to do a lot of clothes shopping for my kids.  With the change in season, I generally buy some items on clearance for the next year and then also some new items for the coming season.  I was purchasing everything from swimsuits and sunglasses to earmuffs and flannel pajamas.  So this week, snap a quick picture when you’re out shopping.  It can be whatever you’re buying/looking at or where your shopping or even who you’re shopping with.  Have fun with it and I can’t wait to see what everyone posts under #hashtagthisweek."

Find Tiffany Online:

Tiffany, Grey House Lane

Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/greyhouselane

Instagram: http://instagram.com/greyhouselane

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