Sky Stories | Weekly Prompt for Memory Keepers by Michelle of A Beautiful Mess To Me

Hi everyone!
You might have noticed that #Hashtagthisweek was skipped last week! Oops! That was bad timing on my part with a pretty large home renovation vs. work schedule.  But I'm back this week with a slightly newer look that allows the images to be more branded to my website. (This is only the THIRD change since the beginning of this series but I am confident this one will stay throughout the rest of this year and into 2016)

Without further ado, I want to introduce #hashtagthisweek participant Michelle with a fantastic prompt!


"Hello Everyone! I'm Michelle and I am absolutely tickled to be hosting the "hashtagthisweek prompt with Mandy! 

The theme for this week is #skies. I stumbled upon this prompt while editing photos of my daughter's soccer game and a stormy evening from this summer. When I began the process of editing these photos, the skies in the background literally jumped off the screen at me! They were simply breathtaking and impossible to ignore. From sunrises to sunsets, from stormy skies s to rainbows, from cotton-candy clouds to clear blue skies, as the skies change so does  our mood and sense of place in this world. Skies are ever present yet always changing, just like our everyday lives. 

This week head outside and document the different #skies of YOUR week and share them with us! Or, go back through some of the photos you have already taken and look at them with a "skies" filter to create a new story--different from the original subject of your photo. It's kind of fun and thought-provoking to come at your photos from different angles and to uncover deeper stories. Enjoy!"        - Michelle


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