Technology Love | Weekly Prompt for Memory Keepers featuring Tracey Holdyk

Hi friends!  This week we have a special treat - one of my favorite inspirations has offered to host our prompt this week - Tracey Holdyk!

Tracey and I have worked together on several different teams and are Instagram pals.  I really adore her style in addition to her never ending creativity so I'm excited to share what she has in store for us this week!


"In this age of technology it seems there is a machine or device to do just about anything we need.  Is there one piece of technology that you just couldn't live without, something that you use or need everyday.  For me it's my iphone.  I couldn't live a day without it.  It goes everywhere with me and I am never very far away from it.  The funny thing is, is that I use it for everything but a phone.  My iPhone has everything I need.

I use it to send and receive emails, do my banking, connect to social media, tell the time, its my calendar, stop watch, internet search engine, my GPS, I send and receive messages, it's my personal trainer, calorie counter, TV, movie theatre, radio, calculator, compass, note pad, keeps track of my appointments, tells me the weather, it's also my stereo, library of my fav books, address book, camera (I take alot of food photos), photo editor... oh, and sometimes I make the odd phone call.  So in a nut shell it holds my life.  If I lost my phone I would be lost."  - Tracey

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