Welcome to Turquoise Avenue! | New Lifestyle and Memory Keeping Blog

Its been a very exciting week around here as I've been gearing up for this very big day to release my new blog/website.  I am so thankful for your sweet encouragement and excitement along the way.

Let me be the first to say, "Welcome Everyone!"

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I wanted to answer some pretty big questions that may come up about this new blog...

Why did you change the name of your blog from Record Life?
Record Life was a little "side project" I threw together in 24 hours at the beginning of this year.  I had originally wanted a place to share my memory keeping projects. Before I knew what was happening, my little blog quickly grew into #hashtagthisweek and a large community of new friends that I've become so very fond of.  However, I desired to share more than just memory keeping posts on my blog and began thinking about a venture that would allow me to broaden my blog topics. While Record Life was very popular and very dear to me, I hope this new name will allow me just as much popularity as I'll be featuring the same content here and hopefully, branching into some new topics and eventually offer some products!

Why the name Turquoise Avenue?
Because I wanted to build a brand true to myself. I'm a Florida native and I grew up on the eastern coast near the Atlantic.  The ocean is a part of my soul and my being.  Different hues of teal, blue and green are my favorite colors; they dance around the nautical decor throughout our home.  When trying to decide on a fun, new blog name, this one just stood out the most to me and represented me well.

What will you be sharing on the new blog?
All kinds of things!  I'm transforming from a memory keeping blog to a lifestyle blog. I desire to share on topics such as marriage, finances, faith, pets, crafts, home organization, and family.  You may even hear from my hubs now and then! At the heart of that however, I still fully intend on sharing about my memory keeping endeavors and have some pretty exciting things lined up for #hashtagthisweek in 2016!  As you can see from the new menu bar at the top of each page, you can choose what category you'd like to read about plus you can easily move back and forth between the different types of posts.

Will I still be able to find you on social media?
Yes!  In the sidebar are my new links so please take the time to update them so you won't miss out on anything!

As always, I love hearing from you as a reader. If there's any feedback you'd like to give, you can do so by contacting me here.  I really appreciate and love all of you for your wonderful support and encouragement!  I'm very fortunate to be a part of such a great community of like minded people! Can't wait to meet up here with you again soon!