How to Work from Home Selling Your Arts and Crafts!

How to Work from Home Selling Arts and Crafts

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Working from home was always a dream of mine. Making money doing something I love - that was an even bigger dream! With a little hard work and determination, it can be yours too!

Last year, I launched my Etsy shop to sell items and gain an income while working from my own home in order to support my crafting habits.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made!

If you're interested in doing something similar, you can get tips and insights from industry experts on how to get your creations in front of as many people as possible— online and offline— with special classes from CreativeLive!

One of CreativeLive's top instructors, Megan Auman, is offering unique classes on how to market and sell your products. If you want to successfully monetize your craft making, her courses are highly recommended. What's more is that between January 11th and January 15th, her classes and all Etsy-related classes will be on sale! Sign up today and start making 2016 your most prosperous crafting year yet!

Offer: Save on Megan Auman and Etsy classes and sell more crafts in 2016!
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