Habits | Weekly prompt and link up for memory keepers and creative bloggers

We all have good, and bad, habits. Whether they are ones we want to admit to or not, they are still a part of what makes us who we are. This week, take some time to document some of your habits... They can be personality habits like talking too much or daydreaming... Or they can be daily habits like drinking a cup of coffee each morning or watching a favorite show at night. Think about your different habits and document them. Make list, share several or focus on just one, it's entirely up to you!


#HashtagThisWeek is a weekly prompt for creative bloggers and memory keepers! Each week, there’s a new prompt that is free, fun and offers an inspiring challenge. Take a photo, write a blog post, create a scrapbook page, or make an entry in your journal, traveler's notebook or planner! Join in any time and participate in any way that best fits your schedule.

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