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Hi everyone, I am so excited to be sharing a new, featured guest with you today!

Sarah Fuchs submitted this idea recently and I felt it fit this month so well with us kicking off the new year talking about goals, motivation, and self worth. Thank you for inspiring us this week Sarah!

Here is Sarah's inspiration:

I was looking through old pictures of me and I found some of the summer I was 18. My life was so different from today. I was so different. And a ton of thoughts came to my mind, about what I wanted to tell my 18 year old self.

I wanted to tell myself all the things I did great and the things that were great - like my body, my dreams, my friendships. I wanted to tell myself to love me more and to enjoy those things.
And I wanted to tell myself all the things that will change and what I should have stopped doing right then. What would you want to tell your 18 year old self? What did you do great? What did you not appreciate the right way and what should you have let go of then?

Write a letter about yourself when you were 18 (or optional another age).

Take a photo of yourself from that age, look at it and think about your life then and things will pop up in your head you could write about. If not, here are some more questions for get your writing going:

  • What were your dreams? How did they change? Did some of them become true? Are you still dreaming the same dreams?
  • Who were your friends? Did you profit from those friendships? If yes, why? If not, why not?
  • How did you threat your parents? How should you have?
  • What were you afraid of? Where your fears appropriate? If not, why not?
  • How was your self esteem? Did you like yourself? How did you treat yourself? How should you?
  • What were your talents? Do you still use them or not? Why not? Did you discover new once?

You see there are a ton of possible things you could write about.

This topic is also perfect for reflecting on yourself right now: are you the person you always thought you would become?

Grab your paper and start writing and embellish and decorate afterwards, the words matter.
Have fun!

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