Printed Photos | The Importance of Printing Your Memories


Printed photos are my favorite. While I am a digital photographer, I am the type of person who likes something tangible. I like to see a photo, touch it, feel it, and have a memory flood my mind. I also enjoy reading a memory alongside a photo, which is why I scrapbook and memory keep.

Looking back over the printed photographs we have of myself and my younger sister growing up, we have many more photos of her than of me. At some point I mentioned this to my mom, and she quickly responded with "We didn't have a digital camera when you were little!"  Truth was, back when I was in elementary school, my mom had very nice film camera that she eventually sold to a professional photographer.  Taking photos was expensive back then, because of the cost to develop film. But I still remember the excitement of picking up those newly developed photos in a crisp white envelope after dropping off a roll of film at the local grocer.  Those prints were cherished by my family because they held documentation of the memories we shared together.

As I got older, I purchased a camera once I began working full time and even though it was a digital camera, I still printed my photos.  The excitement of picking up a photo from the developer was still there and I enjoyed displaying photos around my home. And I still do today.   I now have photos displayed around my home in frames, hanging as canvases, and displayed as artistic prints. I also have my scrapbooks and fully intend on sharing with you how I document our memories in book form very soon...

Please allow me to encourage you print your photographs. If you are a regular photo-taker then you have only benefits to reap by printing your photos and having them on display or documented in an album.  Find a system that works well for you if print photos often, keep it simple and fun, so it doesn't become a daunting task.  If you're not a regular photo-taker and you're someone who just hires a photographer once or twice a year - allow me to encourage you to use them to order professional grade, quality prints that you can display - your world will be much richer because you choose to print.