In My Bag | Weekly Photo & Story Prompt

Hey everyon, this week's fun theme is hosted by my friend Jessica of Color Cast Designs.

"I think what is in one's bag (be it a purse, gym bag, diaper bag, clutch, ginormous tote, laptop bag or plastic target bag) says a lot about who you are and what is dominating your life at any given point.

Over the years as I have gone from single girl, to married women, to mamma, to divorced, to working single mama, to married for the second time, to a new mama again and what is in my bag has changed a lot. Each phase of my life has brought new things to my ever growing collection of bags. I am a bag lover. I actually have a problem. I want them all.

But, right now, I am a Mamma to three. My girls are in school and only live with us every other week and I stay home with my little guy who is in preschool. I started Color Cast Designs last year, so I guess you could say, I am a working stay at home Mom. This is where all the stuff in my bag comes in. Don't you think all that stuff tells a story?

 Let's start with the colors. I am definitely a lover of cool colors and I think that what is in my bag shows that. I adore every single shade of blue. Mix in grey, black, white and yellow you have my favorite color pallet.

I have about 10 lip glosses/lipsticks as I love makeup and always must be prepared. Headphones and chargers are a necessity as I am always on the go and my little guy is often waiting with me for the girls to finish some activity...he loves to read on his kindle, so we keep that baby charged up. I live in Colorado, in one day it could be 65 at lunch and then snowing before dinner...hence the gloves. Gum,Advil and peppermint oil are things that I go thru a lot. Everyone dips into my bag for those things. Speaking of everyone dipping into my bag, I often am left carrying others stuff in my bag; my hubby's sunglasses, one of my girls wallets or phones, a matchbox car, and the list goes on. I need a big bag for all of this stuff. Or maybe the secret is that I should get a small bag...then there would be no room for all this extra stuff.

I have had my aqua wallet for ever and use it with almost every bag/purse I get. It is my favorite color and often matches my bag and adds a bit of color to a neutral bag. I just got a new car with the push button start, so now my keys stay in a zipper in my purse so I don't loose them. Right now, I am watching my parents dog and keeping an eye on their house, hence the monkey keys.

My bag is often full of post office receipts as I go to the post office at least 3 times a week. With two online businesses run from our home, lots of stuff gets taken to the post office and I am in charge of managing all those receipts. In my bag they stay until I have a moment to file them properly.

Ordinarily all this stuff is organized into those pretty little pouches. I like to be able to find what I need. I even have a pouch for my new found love of crocheting little hearts. I can do that while waiting in the car line or at an activity." 

Jessica is the owner of Color Cast Designs, a company for which I'm a creative team member. If you haven't already checked out her awesome embellishments, I highly recommend you visit her website or follow her blog.  You can also find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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