Photograph Life's Little Moments Every Day

Lately, I've been in a photographing funk. I suppose its because after working all day, when I come home, the last thing I think about is grabbing photos of our every day life. Instead I'm rushing around to clean the house, cook dinner, and fold the laundry...

Maybe you can relate?

It is important however to capture our every day lives.  For me, my photographs inspire my Project Life layouts and they spark a memory, a sentiment, or a thought when they're viewed.

Recently, my husband told me in all earnest that he appreciates me taking the time to photograph our life and record it.  He gets so busy that time flies by for him and those memories fade quickly.  However, when he is able to look through our photos and albums, those memories come flooding back.

I plan to challenge myself to take more daily life photos this year --

Will you?