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Hello Friday and Hello Friends!

In today's world, our hearts sometime grow very heavy with darkness that happens around us and is constantly touted by the news media. It is something that weights heavily on me as I pray for our country and those around the world facing trials and division. Shining a light in the darkness seems to be the only way.

No matter how dark the day, I'm always delighted and overjoyed to scroll through my Instagram feed.  There, hundreds of beautiful women share their crafts, creations, memory keeping projects and ultimately their hearts. I have been so blessed by the incredible community on Instagram and enjoy finding ways to share and spread the love I receive there. Uniting together as crafters and encouraging each other builds community, creates joy and invokes love.

Accounts picture from left to right:   @kathrynquintana, @findingeverydayperfection,  @creativecameia, @littlethingsbigday, @lyd_gibson, @liztamanaha, @m2bstudio, @lindsaydawnbateman, and @theurbandisplay

Accounts picture from left to right:  @kathrynquintana, @findingeverydayperfection,  @creativecameia, @littlethingsbigday, @lyd_gibson, @liztamanaha, @m2bstudio, @lindsaydawnbateman, and @theurbandisplay

Today, I'm inviting you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT on Instagram!

Once a week or so, go to your profile, click the little gear in the top right corner and choose "Posts You've Liked". Screenshot your faves, repost and tag the people who inspired you this week, then share under the brand new hashtag #CraftCreateConnect!

See you there!



Using Digital Scrapbooking Products for Instant Home Decor | Valentine's Day DIY Craft Idea

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share a quick idea I had after a recent phone conversation with my best friend in Florida. She had mentioned that she and her kids had decorated their house for Valentine's Day already and it got me to thinking that I don't even own any Valentine's decorations. 

So instead of going out and buying some, I repurposed a 5x7 photo frame into a cute little display for our kitchen counter, using a card and digital paper from the L'amore collection by Little Lamm & Co.  I simply printed out the digital paper on a 5x7 card, printed the smaller 3x4 journal card, trimmed them both up, and adhered them with some washi tape. Then I topped it off with a simple, gold-foil arrow and viola! Instant, inexpensive home decor. I love it! 

Using Digital Scrapbooking Products for Instant Home Decor | Valentine's Day DIY Craft
Using Digital Scrapbooking Products for Instant Home Decor | Valentine's Day DIY Craft

What do you think?  What fun ways have you used digital scrapbooking elements around your home? I'd love to hear about them!

Happy Valetine's Day Idea - Pinterest Inspired Stud Muffin Breakfast for Him

It's Valentine's Day and if you're like me, you're scouring the Internet for fun, inexpensive ideas to surprise that special someone in your life.  I'm happy to share this simple, easy idea!

Happy Valetine's Day Idea - Stud Muffin Breakfast for Him

I hope you and your valentine are enjoying a beautiful, special day together!  While I'm a firm believer that you should love, cherish, and spoil your special someone every day of the year, I'm also a sucker for a day dedicated to romance and hearts!

My husband has been working seven days a week and on a really tough job/shift so early this morning I surprised him with muffins, milk, and a valentine's gift! It was an idea that stemmed after finding that adorable Stud Muffin tag from Eighteen25 on Pinterest.  I pinned it here.

Happy Valetine's Day Idea - Stud Muffin Breakfast for Him
Happy Valetine's Day Idea - Stud Muffin Breakfast for Him

If you love this idea, you should check out this Pinterest-inspired handmade gift I made for my hubby to accompany his muffin breakfast!

Products Pictured:

DIY Glass Magnets | Crafts, DIY, and More!

Have you ever seen something for sale in a store and thought, "I wonder if I could make that?"  That happened to me recently while browsing the mall one evening with my husband and parents. We were walking around a gift shop when some really cute glass fridge magnets caught my eye.  I pointed them out to my mom and her ever crafty self pointed out in return that I could easily make those myself.  She proceeded to share a list of things I'd need. That evening when I got home, I did a Pinterest search and happened across Sabby in Suburbia's blog where I found a quick little how-to. Last weekend I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to gather some supplies, then this afternoon when I had a little quiet time, I decided to give this DIY magnet idea a whirl... And I'm pretty happy with how my project turned out!  In fact, I really love them!

Would you like to give this DIY a try? Here's what you'll need:

  • Round Glass Marbles, with a flat back
  • Strong magnets
  • Mod Podge
  • Super Glue
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Scissors or a Circle Punch
  • Pencil

Here's how-to:  Using the scrapbook paper, cut (or punch) a circle that will fit the flat back side of the glass marble.  Mod Podge the paper to the back of the marble and allow to dry.  Dab a bit of super glue to the top center of your magnet and then add the marble, paper side to the magnet.  Allow to dry and voila!  DIY Glass Marble Fridge Magnets.