The Great Outdoors | Weekly Photo and Journal Prompt/Challenge for Memory Keepers

Who's enjoying the summertime?  Ok, so maybe you're not in the same hemisphere as I am and you're out enjoying some winter weather instead... Regardless of where you are or what season it is, this week's challenge is to document the Great Outdoors!

Turquoise Avenue - Weekly Photo & Journal Prompt for Memory Keepers
The Great Outdoors | Photo by M.J. Photography

It is no secret that my husband and I spent a lot of time outdoors.  While I've never really been an "outdoorsy" person, I am married to one. So the majority of our marriage has been a really awesome compromise - he encourages me to do something outdoors and I say, "only if I can bring my camera", to which he agrees. The next you thing you know we've been out and about all day and I've captured over 100+ photos. Sound familiar?

I love taking nature photography... In fact, on my photography blog, you can find all kinds of images I've taken over the years.


There's something refreshing to the soul to take a day, spend it outside, and fully recharge. The beauty of nature is amazing, enlightening, and glorious.

This week I encourage you to spend some time outdoors... Visit a park, stand under a tree, hike with the family, take a majestic photo, capture a creepy crawly, just share and document the great outdoors we all enjoy so much!

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The Wanderlust Collection from Color Cast Designs

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