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Step 1. Choose a number.

Step 2. Donate the coordinating amount via PayPal. 

Use the “FRIENDS & FAMILY” option (to avoid fees). Send your chosen amount to **Make sure to spell our email address properly or someone else will get your donation!

Example:   Choose #27 and send $27.00! 



Prizes have been graciously donated by our awesome friends and favorite companies incl. DoTerra oils, Dunkin Donuts, Young Living, Sweetbriar Crafts, Chick-Fil-A, Parlor 216, Lakewood Soap Company, Sunlight & Air, LLC, Norwex and more!

Make it even more fun! Get a group together to collect for larger envelope numbers such as co-workers, sunday school class, friends, family, etc. We will be sharing live updates and prize announcements along the way on our Facebook and Instagram account! This fundraiser has the potential to raise $20,100 - the amount we need for our second half! Our total adoption is $43,500.  We value your support, covet your prayers and love you all very much! 


Note from Us: We want to share something from our hearts... Please know that we don’t take this lightly. To be asking you to contribute and sacrifice, we feel a great responsibility to honor you in the way we are spending our money. We are pretty thrifty as it is but we are being even more thoughtful about the dollars being spent every day. We are also allotting every dollar that is given, or raised, to go directly into a checking account that is STRICTLY for our adoption expenses. Anyway, we know we are asking a lot, but we are stepping out in faith believing that God will provide and we are humbled and honored by those of you who want to join us in this journey.  With that being said, we hope you'll consider praying about, and for, our number wall fundraiser!