#CraftCreateConnect - Join the Movement! | Uniting together as creatives to build community, share joy and invoke love.

Hello Friday and Hello Friends!

In today's world, our hearts sometime grow very heavy with darkness that happens around us and is constantly touted by the news media. It is something that weights heavily on me as I pray for our country and those around the world facing trials and division. Shining a light in the darkness seems to be the only way.

No matter how dark the day, I'm always delighted and overjoyed to scroll through my Instagram feed.  There, hundreds of beautiful women share their crafts, creations, memory keeping projects and ultimately their hearts. I have been so blessed by the incredible community on Instagram and enjoy finding ways to share and spread the love I receive there. Uniting together as crafters and encouraging each other builds community, creates joy and invokes love.

Accounts picture from left to right:   @kathrynquintana, @findingeverydayperfection,  @creativecameia, @littlethingsbigday, @lyd_gibson, @liztamanaha, @m2bstudio, @lindsaydawnbateman, and @theurbandisplay

Accounts picture from left to right:  @kathrynquintana, @findingeverydayperfection,  @creativecameia, @littlethingsbigday, @lyd_gibson, @liztamanaha, @m2bstudio, @lindsaydawnbateman, and @theurbandisplay

Today, I'm inviting you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT on Instagram!

Once a week or so, go to your profile, click the little gear in the top right corner and choose "Posts You've Liked". Screenshot your faves, repost and tag the people who inspired you this week, then share under the brand new hashtag #CraftCreateConnect!

See you there!