An Interview with Annette Haring | Using the One Second Everyday App for Video Memory Keeping

Hey guys! Welcome back.  I hope you're enjoying the Memory Keeping with Video Made Simple series.  I'm excited to be interviewing my insta-pal Annette Haring of Annette Haring Photography & Designs. Annette was one of the original inspirations for me when I made the switch from recording long video clips every once in a while to short one second clips per day.  Annette has a slightly different process than my own so I hope you'll enjoy her share today!

Memory Keeping with Video Made Simple - An Interview with Annette Haring about the One Second Everyday App

1. How did you get started with memory keeping? 

I have been interested (obsessed) with photos, journaling and video since I was a young girl making my own scrapbooks, journaling most nights and making crazy videos with my friends (Good thing those have never found their way to YouTube.) My parents always had cameras and a video camera since I can remember. My dad had one of those early video cameras and he had to lug around a VCR to record video on. No kidding! My first videos were made with that and with no sound! It was awesome.

2. What do you love best about memory keeping with video?

I love that I can capture real life. No staged photos. No thinking how it will look on Instagram. Just real life. Captured. It takes me back right to that moment and I love that we can now share it in an instant. Instead of showing someone the latest photo of my daughter, I can show them how she really is...with a quick little video saved on my phone. It's just awesome.

3. Tell us a little bit about your method... (For ex.  What tools do you use and how often do you record video?)

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Also, be sure and join Annette at her class on Big Picture Classes, where she shares five photo prompts and five journaling prompts, as well as a look into her process of putting a pocket page together from start to finish!


I currently use my iPhone 6 Plus. I have always enjoyed taking video but have had a hard time figuring out what to do with it. I'm a busy working mom and sitting down to render video isn't something I'm particularly interested in right now. Usually I just kept our favorites on my phone for my daughter to watch and occasionally mirror onto our Apple TV for us all to watch.

I do occasionally use my DSLR. I love the creativity I can have with it. However, I have yet to do anything with my videos from it yet. 

Thankfully at the beginning of 2016, Elise mentioned she was going to use 1 Second Everyday App for 2016 and I thought it sounded like fun. I already have a fairly good habit of taking a photo a day because I've used the Collect Photo App since 2013. Adding the video component sounded fresh and fun. I love this app because it is so crazy easy to use and it captures real life!  It captures our real, imperfect and messy everyday life in a way I was missing with my regular memory keeping. I love it.

4. What are your top three tips for capturing video?

    A. Hold your phone on its side (horizontally or in landscape mode). When you watch it on a TV you want to fill up the screen. 

   B. Hold it steady-ish. I hold it with both hands and try to keep my elbows by my side. But I don't stress too much about it. There will be movement and camera shake. It doesn't have to be a professional quality video to mean something to you. Homemade = real = awesome. But also being able to view it is good too. Steady-ish works for me.

   C. Take short snippets of video. They take up less room on your phone and are easier to find clips to use in your videos. Of course I do have longer ones too but my average for the 1 Second Everyday project is probably less than 10 seconds. It keeps my family from freaking out about having video on as well. Little snippets mashed together = an awesome story. 


Thanks for sharing with us, Annette. I hope you all enjoyed this interview and were able to learn something new! Join me this coming Monday for some in-depth information about what to do with old video clips you have stored on your hard drive and smart phone!