Happy New Year | 2016 Memory Keeping Goals + a Giveaway!


A brand new year and a fresh start... As much as I love Christmas and the holiday season, I'm always just as excited to start a new year, set new goals, and revel in that "clean slate" feeling.

For the past several years I've taken advantage of the week between Christmas and New Year's Day to set some new goals for myself - both personally and creatively.

First of all, I don't set New Year's Resolutions. If there's one thing I've learned in my adult life it is to not put self induced stress on myself! Life does enough of that on it's own and I prefer to allow myself flexibility to move through life with the freedom to adjust my goals to my circumstances.

With that being said, today I'm sharing my 2016 memory keeping goals. When I created this list of goals, I took a moment to jot additional notes next to the goal regarding my plans for accomplishing the goals.  My short and long term goals are on-going projects I've started and have yet to finish... I like being reminded they're something I need to tackle throughout the year.


2016 Goals:

  • Take more photos and videos with the camera/less with iPhone (Keep my DSLR readily available)
  • Create a 2016 album for event/special occasion photos (Only print special photos from trips or events, put in a 9x12 or 6x8, keeping printing costs down and using supplies I already have. )
  • Create a 2016 6x8 digital album for everyday photos and #hashtagthisweek
  • Continue keeping a digital journal (Journal when I can, copy to .doc and back up monthly)

Short Term Goals:

  • Finish 2015 12 x 12 and 6 x 8 albums
  • Finish 2015 December Daily album
  • Finish 2015 Love Where You Live (set aside one week to complete)
  • Participate 2016 Week In the Life
  • Participate 2016 December Daily (plan in advance, start supply gathering/planning in October)
  • Finish Digitizing Old Journals

Long Term Goals:

  • Create DVD’s of videos from each year (Dedicate one month to each past year that needs to be documented.)
  • Insert 2005 - 2010 Photos into 12x12 albums (Dedicate evenings one-two weeks putting photos into binders)
  • 2011 Honeymoon Album (6x8)
  • 2011 Wedding Album
  • Transfer videos from old VHS tapes to DVD
  • Create digital layouts for the old photos not printed that surround a specific memory or event

Some of you may be wondering about some of the projects I've mentioned above.  I've been doing Project Life for three years. This year however, was my first year really immersing myself into the online world of pocket page scrapbooking, learning about the various companies who offer products, playing along with Week in the Life and December Daily, as well as working on creative teams.

As a result, I've learned so much and created a list of memory keeping projects I want to tackle now that extend beyond my normal scrapbooks. Things like creating a DVD of all the iPhone/camera videos my husband and I record year in and year out. After all, those are important memories too (with sound!).  I'm also planning to work backwards using photos from our honeymoon, wedding, and years before marriage. I want to record those memories before time passes and I can't recall the important details surrounding that time.  Lastly, I kept several journals throughout middle school and high school and now I am nearly finished with a project of digitizing them - typing out the entries into a Word document so I can easily search them for names, dates, and specific memories when I'm creating scrapbook pages from that time.

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