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Hi Everyone!

I love it when season's begin to change... Regardless of whether it is a change of the weather season or whether it is just a shift in our daily work or routine habits. There's always something new to embrace and that's the beauty of life... This week, I'm excited to have our Featured Guest Leigh Odynski sharing this special prompt with us.

"Savor: As the season's change, what can you savor at this time in your life?

My idea for this prompt came from thinking about the different seasons in life, and how I can find something small to savor in each one. In past seasons of particularly busy child rearing, it could be just one minute with a cup of hot tea, or an afternoon latte. A small moment of quiet, a hug, or a bedtime story. A time to slow down and savor, even just one tiny, fleeting thought. At the end of the day, can we capture that and hold on to it in times of trial, or hardship? It has certainly helped me in the many different ups and downs of this roller coaster called life. Taking a reflective look at the end of the day, can be therapeutic, and healing. What did you savor today?

1) a taste of food
2) a warm mug of your favorite comforting drink
3) a hand held in your own ( or capture others )
4) a sunset walk
5) a chore completed
6) family members hugging
7) creative time
8) a place in your home where you can rest/ put your feet up
9) a letter, text, or email that brought you a smile
10)your favorite time of day: Savor the moment

I hope these prompt ideas encourage you, right where you are, in whatever season of life you are in, to savor and then appreciate those little snippets!" - Leigh

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