#The100DayProject | 100 Stories in 100 Days - Sparking creativity across the globe!

There's a challenge going around in the creative community right now called the 100 Day Project.  It is essentially a self-driven challenge to do something creative for 100 days in a row. You can read more about the initial project here.

I love the concept and it's been a huge topic of discussion in the Scrap Gals Community on Facebook for a week or so.  I decided to join in and I even have established an accountability partner, Tara! 

When I originally heard about the project, I knew that if I wanted to do something as grand as a 100 day challenge, that I needed to set realistic goals and choose something that would fit within my schedule.  Recently, I've been working through some old family photos and wishing I had more time to tell certain stories that these photos have sparked in my memory.  As a result, I knew that a 100 day challenge geared towards telling those stories would be a really great way to get some of those things documented.  

So when I saw this post by Lea of Scrap and Plan, I immediately jumped over to her blog and read about what she was going to be doing for the 100 day project and loved her hashtag. Several others will also be joining in under her hashtag so be sure to follow us all on social media under the hashtag #100days100stories. 

My 100 Day Challenge:

I chose 100 photos and for the next 100 days, I'll journal one story for each photo. I plan to do this using Google Docs, simply because my journaling will be automatically saved and I can also do this from any device such as my iPhone or iPad if I'm on the go. 

If time allows, I may create simple, digital scrapbook pages and share them here on my blog as well. Otherwise, I'll be sharing primarily on Instagram so be sure to follow me there!

I'm in! Are you?