A Book Review of Little Book of Thanks by Jean Fischer, An Illustrated Precious Moments Children's Book of Gratitude

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Adorable, classic and nostalgic… A beautiful way to cultivate a heart of gratitude with your little one this fall season.

Appropriate for any child under 10, this adorably illustrated book is meant for every child’s bookshelf! There are twenty-four sweet and silly rhymes throughout the book, making it the perfect countdown to Thanksgiving. Your child will love the soft, colorful illustrations that depict both boys and girls, animals and activities, in the classic Precious Moments theme.

Precious Moments Little Book of Thanks, a Tommy Nelson children's book by Jean Fischer.

Precious Moments Little Book of Thanks, a Tommy Nelson children's book by Jean Fischer.

★★★★★ || Precious Moments have always been near and dear to my heart. I have a treasured book of my own rhymes that my Great-Grandmother gifted me as a young child. I was so excited to come across the Precious Moments Little Book of Thanks for my daughter this year! Turning the pages to find the adorable and heart warming images of the Precious Moments children and animals, while reading the rhyming, and sometimes silly poems, brought a bit of nostalgia to my heart.

This endearing book is flooded with a theme of gratitude, making it the perfect avenue for cultivating a heart of thanksgiving with your little one. Each poem covers things like thankfulness for loved ones, food, toys, season changes, weather and more. In addition, there is an accompanying short Bible passage that would make great scripture memorization pieces for older children. It is a beautiful faith-based book!

Precious Moments Little Book of Thanks is an excellent quality, thick board book so children can enjoy the book from a young age on.  The illustrations are sweet, soft and subtle, yet eye catching as they often fill the entire page. My daughter (aged six months) loved looking at them as I read her this book!  I would highly recommend this book to other families with small children and look forward to reading this all year long with my little girl. It’s definitely a classic keeper that will stay on her shelves for years to come and hopefully be a book she cherishes enough to pass on to her own children someday!

Note: For families that do not have both parents involved in the child's life, please know this book does mention both a mother and father.  For children raised in single parent households or for those who have another individual as a guardian, that may be a sensitive subject. 

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