How To Create One Second Movies | Using Your iPhone and the iMovie App

On January 2nd, my family took a spur-of-the-moment trip to the National Park one morning.  I was originally bummed because I had left my DSLR at home and had to resort to using my iPhone to capture photos. But then a light bulb went on... I remembered my New Year’s goal of implementing more videos into my memory keeping system and I immediately switched gears. I spent the rest of the morning in the National Park capturing video as we drove. Later that day, after just an hour or so of trimming down the clips and grouping them all together in the iMovie app, I was able to share my creation on the TV with my family.  At that point, I determined I’d do my best to record more videos this year.

Pin This: How to Create One Second Movies! Memory keeping with video made simple. Learn new ways to create, share and preserve your memories.

Pin This: How to Create One Second Movies! Memory keeping with video made simple. Learn new ways to create, share and preserve your memories.

Since then, my brain has been in hyper-focus. So when I saw this post, shared by Annette Haring on Instagram, my whole world stopped and I immediately tuned in to what she was sharing. She had created a little video snippet using one second clips from her life that week, as inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe. I was so intrigued. I jumped over to Elise’s account and watched her sweet little clips of her two daughters and saw that she and Annette had been using the 1 Second Everyday App.  

After researching the app and falling in love with the intention behind it, I knew this was something I could get on board with. I liked the date stamp on the videos and I liked the fact that I could record multiple clips for any given day. However, I wanted to be able to use longer clips if I wished.  

In my mind, a plan formed to use multiple clips each day to create a monthly video. Then, I planned to take those monthly videos and form an annual movie at the end of the year.

Since I already gotten the hang of using the iMovie app to create digital “movies”, I wanted to keep my videos in the same app and place. So I began working out a system and so far, have found it to be very rewarding already.

How To Create One Second Movies | Using Your iPhone and the iMovie App. Memory keeping with video made simple by Mandy Elliott of Turquoise Avenue.

Here is my process:

Throughout the day, I record little snippets of video using the built in camera app on my iPhone (they can be any length, but I’ve found a minimum of 2 seconds is best).

At the end of the day I run through these quick steps:

  • Open iMovie
  • Import the clips from that day in a project called “January”.
  • Trim the clips down.  (Most of my clips end up being around 1 second, but occasionally I use longer clips too).
  • Using the Standard Text option, I add the date to the first clip of the day.
  • Click done and store the project on my phone.

At the end of the month, I export that January movie from my iPhone to back up and store on my computer and external hard drive.  I erased all the little clips off my iPhone for storage purposes and only kept the finalized January movie. I then create a February project.  

At the end of the year, my goal is montage all those monthly movies into one large annual movie.  A simple, easy project that I can create while on the go and easily back up, store and ENJOY! Below is a tutorial on how I create my monthly movies.

Join me over the next several weeks here and on Instagram where I'll be sharing little tips for capturing video, storing videos, file naming, and even preserving old videos from VHS!


Have a question? Ask me in the comments below and I'll be sure to answer!  Also, check back in on Wednesday of this week because Annette Haring will be here sharing with us a little bit about her own process using the One Second Everyday App!


Mini Envelope Tutorial | DIY & Crafts

Pinterest is one of my favorite sources for inspiration, simply because I'm a visually inspired person. A while back I came across a super cute card with these little mini envelopes on it. I knew as soon as I saw it, those envelopes were something I had to try handcrafting! I googled a template for making them and had four made in a matter of a few moments. They are super easy and super adorable.   


Step 1. Print out this image to use as a template in the inch size you wish your envelope to be.  I used 2 x 2 Inches.   

Step 2. I traced this template onto the back of the scrapbook paper I chose to use and then cut it out.

Step 3. Fold along the corners as indicated in the template. Use a tiny adhesive to secure. 

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