Instagram Picture Frame | DIY, Tutorials, and Crafts

When we moved from a rented apartment into our own home in 2012, I was elated that I could finally decorate and hang things on the walls!  Being the Pinterest lover that I am, I had been browsing decor online for quite sometime and was really loving old, antique window frames being hung on the walls.  My super awesome hubs took me to a local, huge antique mall where outside, they had literally a hundred old windows, doors, and frames I was just dying to get my hands on.    I walked out of there with $9 in purchases and had one empty window frame with no glass, as well as a gorgeous rectangular window frame with the handle and glass still intact.

I knew with the empty window frame that I somehow wanted to use it to display square photos, like the images I'd seen on Pinterest for Instagram photos.  One of the things I love about my husband is that I can give him an idea or design I see in my head and he can make it come to life!  So after a little trip to the local hardware store for my wire and sandpaper we got to work. I sanded down the white, painted window frame until there was a soft matte feel to it.  Then E got to work screwing in little hooks and tightening wire across the frame.  While he finished that up, I ran upstairs and printed off a bunch of 3x3 prints of my favorite Instagram images.  Shortly thereafter, we hung the frame in our newly painted hallway and I added the little photos to the wire with metal paper clips.  

I was in love with how it turned out, and frankly, I still am!  What do you think?


Here are the items we used:

  • Large, antique window frame
  • Heavy duty wire
  • Mini Eye Hooks
  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Metal Paper Clips
  • Printed Photos (I went with 3x3 but you can use any size you prefer)

PS-  At the time these images were taken, I was using an iPhone 3GS and of course, shared the whole process and outcome on my personal instagram account.