We are so incredibly excited to share that we have been matched with an expectant mama &  baby!




When our consultant shared the wonderful news last night that we were matched with one of the two mamas who had viewed our profile book this week, my heart immediately swelled with joy. I'm pretty much sat there saying "oh my gosh, yes!" repeatedly.  You see, a match means that this expectant mama looked through our book, along with the books of other families who also presented to her, and chose us to parent her child after birth.  This is an important step in the adoption process because it means we are committing to that expectant mama and she is committing to us. We will no longer present to any other expectant moms.  In addition, we are now connected with a placement agency and know an approximate total of our adoption cost. Lastly, it also means that if the expectant mama wishes, we get to begin building a relationship with her and getting to know each other as we all await baby's arrival.

Today, less than 24 hours later, we had our first video chat with the expectant Mama who chose us because she wanted to "meet us". And you guys, she's so sweet and she shared her heart for us and the experience she wants us to have concerning the adoption!

She's so brave and so amazing. I already have a fierce love for her and that precious baby. We, in turn, got to share with her how much we want her to be a part of our family. We know that she is going to experience a huge loss and that's something we are very familiar with.  We want to support and honor her and we asked her to let us know how we can do that. The call was everything I imagined it would be and MORE.  There are so many intricate details to adoption and so many varied emotions for both sides.  But we know LOVE, especially the love given by our God, is all that's needed to fill any void. 

We are honored to say that she has invited us to come meet her in person and do a mini gender reveal party.  My heart swells with how thoughtful that is, because that's something we totally would have missed out on otherwise.  We cannot wait to meet her and give her a hug!

For this evening, I'm going to wrap up this post but I will be back soon, sharing about our renewed fundraising goals (you guys, we're literally HALFWAY THERE and we only have three months left!), sharing updates and more about our adoption journey and answering any questions you may have.  We love you all, we ask you to continue to pray for us, for our expectant mama and this sweet baby!