New Year, New Feels, Same Dreams... | Around Here Update and 6x8 Pocket Page Spread featuring One Little Bird Designs

Whoa January, slow down!

If you're like me, you're still feeling excited about the new year but wondering where this month has gone. I can't believe we are already 3/4 of the way through January! 

6x8 pocket page by Mandy Elliott of Turquoise Avenue, featuring This Year, designs by Peppermint Granberg of One Little Bird Designs.

Recently, I shared my 2017 memory keeping goals.  I was excited about them when I wrote them out and I still am. However, time has really gotten away from me.  There's been a variety of things happening here personally, work related and creatively so I'm going to do a quick recap and share some things that are in the works.

Personal Happenings:

  • I began working from home! I love my new relaxed dress code and enjoy having Addie nearby
  • Hubby and I are working on a TOP SECRET project we hope to share really soon. 
  • Cleaning out #alltheclosets and prepping for a garage sale and scrapbook destash instasale! (purging feels so good)
  • Set a goal to read 20 books!  See what I'm reading on
  • Began waking up earlier (Hello 6AM!) to tackle house and creative projects before work.
  • Went to the eye doctor for a long overdue eye exam and ordered new glasses and contacts.

Creative Happenings:

With everything that's been going on, I've barely taken any photos for the new year. At this point, I'm ok with that.  I haven't yet started on my 2017 9x12 pocket page album and I'm ok with that too.  This year I decided instead of forcing myself to create, I will allow myself grace to work as the inspiration hits and as my schedule permits. Right now, I'm just happy to be staying on top of my creative team projects, keeping my house clean and finding time to dive into a great book or spend time with family.

I can't wait to share more here... I'm not setting any definite blogging goals but I do hope to share here a bit more often than I have been. In addition, I hope to be bringing you some new products, a relatively more frequent newsletter and some awesome projects/tutorials. 

6x8 Pocket Page Spread featuring the new  This Year  collection from One Little Bird Designs and wood tag from  Elle's Studio.  

6x8 Pocket Page Spread featuring the new This Year collection from One Little Bird Designs and wood tag from Elle's Studio. 

I'd love to hear from you friends!  What are you up to this month? How are things going for you in the new year? Let's catch up in the comments below...