December Daily® Title Page, Days 1-2 | A Holiday Memory Keeping Project

There is no way it is already December 11th! I believe my calendar is trying to trick me...

Ok, maybe it's not. But time flies my friends! Christmas is only two weeks away now! I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around that. I'm done Christmas shopping, over half of the gifts are wrapped, I did some holiday baking with my Mom last Sunday, and the decorations are all up and enjoyed each evening at home.  Even though work steals us away from the holiday spirit much of the day, I'm really enjoying coming home to Christmas lights and holiday television or a good book by the tree. I've tried really hard to maintain a calm, relaxed schedule this year...

Working on my December Daily album however has come in spurts. I love to browse the inspiration set forth from the creative community and make plans in my head of what I'm going to do. However, waiting for the time off work and away from other responsibilities so I can actually CREATE in my album gets me a little anxious.

I finally had an afternoon off this week and was able to get some pages done. I've been documenting stories from each day in a document on the computer and taking photographs but printing and creating pages comes much more slowly. I keep telling myself while creating that 'less is more' and try to keep the embellishments and decor simple so I can keep up the pace. I really don't desire to have this project sit unfinished like my #thankful30 project has!

"December Daily® is a December mini-album project created by Ali Edwards that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas. The simple goal is to capture the spirit of December via one story per day." Click here to visit Ali's website for more information and to find her awesome products.

With that being said, here is December 1-2 of my album!  Since these were heavy on the photographs and stories, I was ok using up several pages.  I know that several of my other days that first week will only be one page.

Products Used: Aqua acrylic stars from Color Cast Designs |  Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree free printable by Alex Hunter |  Free Printable Number Tags from Rebecca at Simple As That   |  Various Papers and Cards from Felicity Jane (Sept. - Nov. 2015 kits)  | Celebrate Brush Script freebie by Karla Dudley | Journal Cards by Simple Stories - SNAP Collection - SNAP Pack - Gold, Peppermint Granberg, One Little Bird, and Danielle Young Project Faith freebies | Cork Shapes and Stickers from my shop